Students in Class B1S

Example of a C.A.S.E. page

Milan Boon

Saar van den Broeke

Jack Ceelen

Avalon Damen

Jeremy van Erp

Pieter van Gaal

Nora van der Glas

Jet van Gogh

Wout van Gogh

Thijs van Grinsven

Nienke Gubbels

Jenson Hesemans

Koen Hollebek

Thijs van den Hurk

Dana Jansen

Lars Kappen

Mischa van Munster

Sam de Mol

Guusje Neelissen

Nova Rijs

Lilya Sabila

Mirko Smeets

Fieke Suppers

Silke Suppers

Marjolein Verstegen

Veerle Vissers

Jaimy Wartenberg

Maud Wolters

Ries van Zuijlen

Nienke van Zutphen



This site shows links to the CASE blogs of all pupils of B1S 1415 of Maaslandcollege, Oss


The goal of Maaslandcollege is to educate students to become open minded (world) citizens with a broad interest and a holistic view of the world around them. To this end you are all required to keep a C.A.S.E. in which you document how you have worked on achieving this goal. The C.A.S.E. serves as a portfolio that has to meet certain standards in order to move on. The point is to get you to open up to (new) possibilities, seek out opportunities and set yourself challenges in an ever-changing world. C.A.S.E. is an acronym for Creativity, Action, Service and European and International Orientation.


This could be anything creative. From a workshop ‘still-life painting’, participating in a (school) play or visiting a music festival. The idea is that you stimulate the (creative) mind and through this also work on your academic skills. Thinking ‘outside the box’ and creative thinking skills have proved to also benefit academic achievements.


Action is about an active attitude in life. You are challenged to seek out activities that also benefit a healthy life. Try another sport than you are already doing by joining friends to their training or try-out for another sport. Or join a (school) sports tournament or workshop. Academic achievements and a healthy, sportive, life benefit each other.


Service is about helping and lending a hand. We ask you to be open to help fellow students, your next-door neighbour or who- or whatever might need help. Services that might strike your fancy include the promotion of our school to primary schools, the organisation of (sports) events, raising money for charity, etc.

European and International Orientation (EiO)

Any student of bilingual education should be comfortable in international settings. International developments matter and shape the world we live in. That is why we deem this category of special importance.